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Package Contents 1 X Original Xiaomi Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Bracelet For Mobile Phone , 1 X Charger , 1 X User manual

Mi Band, a fitness tracking wrist band that monitors your fitness and tracks your movement (walking or running) plus your sleeping pattern and use it as a smart vibrating alarm to wake up feeling better. Featuring the industry's most power-efficient bluetooth chip and accelerometer, a single charge on this waterproof device will last up to 30 days. Better yet, the band doubles as a security token that automatically unlocks your phone. The technical gubbins all live inside a small alloy body with LED notification lights. This alloy device can be slipped in and out of different colour rubber wrist straps to suit your style, and there were even some more smart concepts shown too including a leather option.


● Extremely narrow 8mm Battery

● Battery capacity: 41mAh

● Input Current: 25mA

● Input voltage: DC 5.0V

● Metal surface material: Full magnesium - alloy

● Body shell: Polycarbonate

● ADI military force sensor

● Dialog's leading Bluetooth chip

● Wristband Material: Dow Corning TPSIV

● Adjustable wrist strap length: 157mm to 205mm

● Equipment requirements: it can connect with your Android 4.4/Bluetooth 4.0 mobile phone(support connect the system with Android 4.4 or more high)


● Record daily motion data: Xiaomi bracelet to help you record all-day event, calculate walking distance, and calorie consumption.

● Smart Vibration alarm clock, simulation wake up naturally Status: The user can set the alarm on the APP, in front of the preset alarm within 30 minutes, with a slight vibration to wake you from a shallow sleep, when to wake up slowly shallow sleep, naturally wake up closer.

● Automatic sleep monitoring.

● Bluetooth real-time synchronization to APP: analysis of movement sleep data, providing health advice.

● Reminder phone calls: phone calls, the bracelet can be within a certain range (in theory, should be a Bluetooth sensing range 10-15M) sensing phone calls, and in case you have not turned on within a certain time, the bracelet will vibrate and flash prompts you through. In the outdoor noisy environment, even if the phone placed inside the bag, still do not worry about missing important calls.

● Bracelet Binding identity, free password to unlock the phone: Forget about complicated unlock password, gestures, simply raised his hand to move to the next cell phone, "shua" is heard, immediately safe unlocked. Xiaomi account with your 1 on 1 binding, identify your identity, to better protect the safety of mobile phone information. Note: Equipment requirements: Xiaomi3/ Xiaomi4/ Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 4G with the system is Android4.4 and above MIUI or Android 5.0 above, and support for Bluetooth 4.0.

● Now it support for IOS, but it only work for Record daily motion data, Automatic sleep monitoring,Find band, Reminder phone calls. Equipment requirements: Compatible with iOS 7 or above iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch etc. other equipment.

NOTE: Replaceable fashion wristbands. If you want other colors, you can buy wrist strap to replace.

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