Mini Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard

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Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard is an innovative data input device which uses intelligent 3D electronic recognition technology. Pocket sized design concept enables this unique gadget to be a solution for a portable keyboard that doesn’t take up much space. This Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard will project a full sized keyboard on any flat surface and using laser tracking technology to follow the location of the operator. Then you can type up a storm anytime anywhere you wanna. In addition, the keystrokes will be detected up to 350 characters per minute, which letting you type your words smoothly as flowing water at ease. Inside advanced optics are hard at work tracking your fingers like magic. Meanwhile, it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac all kinds of operation systems that can be used with any phone, tablet, PC and laptop for a smooth and fast way of text input. On top of that, built-in Bluetooth provides the convenience for connecting to other devices without complex wired troubles. All you have to do is pairing both devices and a wireless connection will be set up in no time for extra flexibility. Combining portability with functionality, there is no doubt that it is a creative technology from future! All in all, this Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard deserves to own its favor and value for its powerful amazing features and affordable price. 

Main Features:
Compact and ultra portable for mobility and convenience
Fast and accurate data input and English QWERTY keyboard layout
Detection rate over 350 characters per minute and low power consumption
Easy connection via bluetooth or USB
Compatible with latest operating systems: Window XP / Windows 7 or higher, LINUX, iPad, iPhone, Android 3.0 or higher and all bluetooth HID compliant mobile device
Latest sensor module can recognize the location and mobile track of user's fingers so as to detect the data input of operator
Virtual laser keyboard
Easily visible projection, even in fully lit room
Built-in battery
Can be connected to mouse
Can be operated via USB cable on your laptop / PC

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