Smart Shortcut Key Android

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Material Zinc alloy
Quantity 1 Piece
Color Silver
Height 0.5 cm
Length 1.7 cm
Width 0.5 cm
Weight 5 gm

Smart Shortcut is an intelligent quick key for Android devices to protect them from dust. Download the APP and insert the smart plug into audio jack - open the app, and then you can use preset gestures to start your favorite functions quickly. Slim and smart, the shortcut plug aims for providing fast and free interactive mobile experience.

Try to use your smart phone, if you want to use a feature, you need to wake it up - unlock your phone - find the application - click the application - find the feature you want. It's tedious and complex.

Smart shortcut - An extra button for your Android - adds simplicity to your Android phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, physical button (not compatible with iOS / Window phone).


● Intelligent shortcut key for android devices. (4.0 and above)

● Over 50 quick functions, like: Take a photo, open apps, turn on flashlight, establish your location, SOS function, record sound, record video, accelerometer, phone calls, instant email, and many, many more! 

● Press and open an app on the locked screen directly and quickly

● Press button, a smart and cool gadget designed for customizing shortcuts

● Plug and play, set your own shortcuts in a second

● It doubles as a cool dust-proof plug to keep dust and dirt from entering the earphone jack on your phone. 

● Super easy and simple to use

● Suitable for 3.5mm earphone jack


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